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Starting from early on in her life, as a child she always gravitated towards music and was always singing any chance she could.  From the moment her mom realized she could “carry a tune,” she pushed her into doing small things like the school talent shows, and that is where it all began for her because in those moments were when she realized that music was her true passion. ‘My mom is my biggest supporter and I owe so much to her for where I’m at today.”

As a freshman in high school Kamryn entered the mariachi program with McAllen High school’s Mariachi Oro, and that was the start of many amazing experiences and opportunities for her. Being a part of McHi Mariachi Oro have been some of her most amazing musical experiences to date.  “I’m very grateful for the program and what the directors taught me along the way.”
After High school, she entered the Texas State University’s Mariachi program and after that one of UTRGV jv groups.

       ◦       When a part of Mariachi Oro in high school, they received TMEA state mariachi champions out of hundreds of schools across Texas: (Freshman-Junior Year), as well as State UIL Champions
       ◦       As a sophomore in high school she received the award for Best in the U.S. Mariachi Vocalist/ Grand Champion for the Mariachi Vargas Extravaganza vocal competition in 2015. Thus, being able to open up for world renowned Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán, and from this, Kamryn was recognized and invited to perform at the University of Michigan.
       ◦       She received an award in 2018 for 1st place /overall grand champion at UTRGVS FESTIBA Vocal competition
       ◦       Lastly, she had the blessed opportunity to be able to perform at the Hollywood Bowl at Mariachi USA with McHi Mariachi Oro in summer of 2016 and 2017, and it has been one of the most incredible and memorable experiences of life getting to perform on a stage with such history and beauty. It truly was remarkable.




Gabriella Martinez is a Florida-raised, Texas-based Latin singer debuting her first album with Mar Records. Gabriella is inspired by her heritage and the people she’s met on her journey, and each refrain is filled with the stories of her life and the exploration of her unique sound. A musician from childhood, every step of Gabriella’s path through music has led to her new album, releasing May 2022.  No Hay Nadie is Gabriella's first original lead single from her upcoming album.  Gabriella co-wrote the beautiful ranchera with Marissa Silva and Gerardo Alvarez.  The song is a love story of finding a prince charming that treats a woman like a princess in a real-life fairy tale. She hopes you’ll enjoy this introduction to her life, lived in song.

Gerardo Alvarez, Latin Grammy Award Nominee, was born in McAllen TX, raised in Roma, TX.  At the tender age of 5 years old  he  stepped foot onto a music stage and sparked his musical career.  At the age of 15, he began touring with a local band, playing guitar and singing back up vocals, writing his first song which initiated his passion for song writing.  In 1999 he became the front man for the Latin Grammy Nominated Group, Los Gallitos. 


To date Gerardo has written songs for many Great Artists such as Banda El Recodo, Alacranes Musical, El Poder Del Norte, Los Tigirillos, El Trono De Mexico, La Energia Nortena, La Maquinaria Nortena, Solido, Costumbre, Elida Reyna, Jay Perez, Los Palominos, and many more. 


Gerardo is also a producer and songwriter for Mar Records.  He has now taken his musical career to the next level and is working on a Solo Album.



Canta Autor



Sarah Monique, Tejano Music Award Nominee, from the Rio Grande Valley, Pharr, TX is becoming known for her powerful, unique, & passionate voice. Debuting her latest album Esta Noche Te Olvido Sarah Monique is becoming a growing sensation! 

For as long as she can remember, Sarah Monique has dreamed of becoming a singer and sharing the music in her heart with the world…and now that dream is becoming a reality.  Sarah was only seven years old when a teacher took notice of her natural talent and introduced her to Mariachi music and powerful female voices like Ana Gabriel, Yolanda Del Rio and Rocio Durcal became her idols. 

 Sarah released her debut album, appropriately titled Un Sueño Realidad in 2013, with her strong, passionate, confident voice shining through on each and every track. The album single, her cover of the Laura Canales classic, "Si Vivi Contigo" was especially popular, hitting #1 on a variety of Tejano radio stations from Texas to Washington State.


In 2017, Sarah Monique was signed by record label Mar Records; back and stronger than ever, Sarah Monique is a force to be reckon with, releasing her Latest album "Esta Noche Te Olvido” under the direction of Gerardo Alvarez
They say that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. The future belongs to Sarah Monique..

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